JOSEPH JOSEPH Cut&Carve Plus Extra Large - Black

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This double-sided, multi-function chopping board is packed with innovative features. It has a unique angled base, raised edges and easy-pour corners, which all help in the collection and disposal of crumbs or liquids when cutting or carving.

On one side of the board there's an integrated meat grip for extra help when carving, whilst the other side provides a smooth cutting surface for general food preparation. Non-slip edges make sure the board stays firmly in place during use and this all-new design now features stainless-steel handles on the sides for easier lifting and carrying.

The extra-large size makes it ideal for carving large joints of meat and poultry. 

  • Unique sloping base and raised edges help catch crumbs and meat juices.
  • Integrated meat grip on one side and smooth cutting surface on the other.
  • Easy-pour corners.
  • Easy-lift and carry stainless-steel handles.
  • Non-slip edges.
  • Dishwasher safe.

W: 47.1cm x D: 33.4cm x H: 2.5cm

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