JOSEPH JOSEPH CleanStore Wall-mounted Dustpan & Brush with Dust-shield Storage

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Cleaning equipment can be notoriously difficult to store. Long handled items easily fall over or become entangled; dustpans and brushes can become separated from each other; and exposed bristles and mops can transfer dust and dirt onto the inside of cupboards and other stored items. CleanStore is a clever range of cleaning equipment designed to make storage easier and more hygienic by ensuring that the dirty parts of the tool are always protected. This smart dustpan and brush comes with a Dust-shield holder that can be mounted to the wall and fully encloses the head of both the brush and the pan, keeping everything around it cleaner.

To use, simply remove from the holder, unclip the brush and sweep up as normal. The brush features soft, feathered bristles, which collect dust more effectively and are angled at the front for getting into corners. The pan includes a rubber front edge for coping with uneven floor surfaces and a stepped lip to keep dirt inside. The storage holder can also be removed from the wall bracket for easy cleaning. Plastic parts - wipe with a damp cloth. Mounting screws included.

  • Wall-mounted holder covers brush and pan for cleaner storage
  • Soft, feathered bristles on brush sweep dust effectively
  • Rubber pan edge ensures contact on uneven surfaces
  • Stepped lip in pan helps trap swept-up dirt
  • Brush and pan clip together for organised storage

W: 22.3cm x D: 11.7cm x H: 34cm

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